"Where You Have Been, is the Foundation for Where You Are, and Where You Are Going"

Dr. Silbert provides psychotherapy and counseling for psychological concerns such as depression, loss, death, grief, divorce, relationship problems, marital conflict, drug and alcohol addiction, career issues, trauma, low self-esteem, poor body image, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, eating disorders, anxiety, stress, guilt, negative thinking, and overwhelming emotions. Also, Dr. Silbert provides sex therapy and couples therapy for sexual problems related to libido, arousal, performance, orgasm, sex addiction, sex compulsion, sexual desire, erection problems, non-normative sexual practices, pelvic pain disorders, and painful intercourse. Psychotherapy is for the individual, couple or family. Telephone consultation is also available by appointment.

From the initial consultation with Dr. Silbert she remains an active verbal participant in your treatment. She most emphatically “listens” and “sees” you in a genuine attempt to validate the importance and significance of what you say and how you are feeling. Evaluation of the problems and strategies for effective intervention are discussed with the individual from the first consult until completion of treatment.

Parents and childhood, dating and coupling, sexual relations, co-workers and bosses, school and career, the developmental processes of youth and aging, sense of purpose as the human dilemma, death anxiety, and the world at large, all involve controversy and expectations explicitly or implicitly placed on an individual. Internal angst, anxiety, negative thinking, feeling overwhelmed, and loss of control within the individual are easily created promoting multidimensional psychological symptoms of distress and dysfunctional behaviors. Often the precipitating causes of the problems are lost, but the dark cloak of pain persists masked as physical and emotional problems for the person.

Therapy allows the individual in a confidential, trustworthy atmosphere to discuss personal thoughts, feelings and behaviors. The “experiential” nature of this therapy, i.e., allowing for one’s “self” to “experience” saying, hearing, and feeling often one’s most private thoughts in a non-judgmental environment opens avenues to self awareness beneficial to the person. Concurrently, in therapy as an individual describes one’s life circumstance, history, and symptoms of discord and angst, Dr. Silbert evaluates and analyzes the verbal and non-verbal content for the best approach to successful intervention.

Psychotherapy with Dr. Silbert is about the relationship you and her develop. Whether the therapeutic interaction is brief or long term, the underlying structure beginning with the initial phone call is the respect afforded you by Dr. Silbert. She listens attentively and intuitively understands the emotional conflict you are expressing with and without words. Most importantly she respects the content and processes of your “life.” The ultimate goal of the therapeutic process with Dr. Silbert is to be in control of feeling better about your unique “self” and life situation in relation to your family and the world at large.

Psychotherapy is a form of psychological treatment provided by Dr. Silbert. A therapeutic relationship develops between you and her to treat emotional distress, mental illness, addiction and sexual problems of varying symptoms and severities. The professional relationship which develops is the framework for treating problems of an emotional nature such as negative moods and self destructive behavior. The goal is to understand the nature of the symptoms to effectively mediate disturbed patterns of behavior and thought, hence promoting positive psychological development and sense of well being.

The therapeutic process with Dr. Silbert is a genuine encounter focused on helping you heal and learn more constructive ways of dealing with emotional conflict created by the perceived problems in your life. Exemplary of adaptive patterns are:

sexual dysfunctionThe capability to cope with reality and work through loss (actual and the way you wished things were)

sexual dysfunctionA positive practical view of yourself and confidence in your strengths and abilities

sexual dysfunctionSkills in assertive communication and logical problem solving

sexual dysfunctionThe power to manage strong feelings and impulses

sexual dysfunctionThe capacity to balance power in personal and professional relationships

sexual dysfunctionThe ability to maximize your sexual potential.

Dr. Silbert integrates psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral theoretical frameworks of personality development, emotional conflict and mental illness for a holistic approach to evaluation and treatment.

Psychodynamic therapy explores the emotions and motivations of the unconscious mind and past experiences to assist in understanding the less obvious dynamics of emotional problems and dysfunctional behaviors.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy focuses on individual thoughts and beliefs and how they influence emotions and behaviors. Thoughts are powerful motivators influencing choices in life. Therefore it is paramount to be aware of the thoughts in your mind, often repetitive over time, influencing self-sabotaging feelings and behaviors.

Psychological problems may be mild to severe disturbances in thinking, perception and behavior. Biology and environment intermingle in varying proportions to create psychic distress with a myriad of symptoms. More immediate treatment is necessary if these disturbances significantly impair a person’s ability to function in normal activities of daily living. Generally psychotherapy is recommended whenever a person is grappling with a life, relationship or work issue or a specific mental health concern and these issues or concerns are causing the individual psychic disturbance of varying degrees and lengths of time. For instance:

sexual dysfunctionMarked personality change

sexual dysfunctionInability to cope with problems

sexual dysfunctionStrange or grandiose ideas

sexual dysfunctionExcessive anxieties and fears

sexual dysfunctionProlonged depression and apathy

sexual dysfunctionOverwhelming sadness, feelings of loss and abandonment

sexual dysfunctionMarked changes in eating or sleeping patterns

sexual dysfunctionEmotional highs and lows

sexual dysfunctionAbuse of alcohol, drugs, money, credit cards, eating, gambling and sex

sexual dysfunctionExcessive anger, hostility, or violent behavior

sexual dysfunctionSexual problems

The therapeutic process may be beneficial for the following problems and symptoms: (the list is not exhaustive of all problems, hence call Dr. Silbert if you have an issue not mentioned). Symptoms may be acute (shorter duration) or chronic (long-term). Psychotherapy and counseling for individuals, couples and parents and children of all ages, for improvement in the areas of:

sexual dysfunction Depression, Loss and Grief

sexual dysfunction Anxiety, Stress and Anger Management

sexual dysfunction Physical and Emotional Abuse

sexual dysfunction Self Esteem and Body Image

sexual dysfunction Intimacy and Trust

sexual dysfunction Sexual Dysfunctions and Sexual Enhancement

sexual dysfunction Addictive, Obsessive and Compulsive Behavior

sexual dysfunction Sexual Orientation and Sexual Preference

sexual dysfunction Developmental Issues of Adolescence, Parenting and Aging

sexual dysfunction Feeling Out of Control, Fear, Panic and Phobias

sexual dysfunction Work and Career Issues

sexual dysfunction Infertility and Adoption

sexual dysfunction Weight Loss

sexual dysfunction Conflict Resolution

sexual dysfunction Affairs, Infidelity, Separation and Divorce

sexual dysfunction Pelvic Pain Disorders

sexual dysfunction Dementia and Death Anxiety

sexual dysfunction Coping with Cancer, Medical Disease and Sexual Problems

sexual dysfunction Wishing Life was Different

The genuine relational nature of the therapeutic process with Dr. Silbert promotes healing and strengthening of the capable inner self. The individual is enhanced positively by a belief in the ability to cope with the human condition and the emotional upheaval exacerbated by the winding road of life’s journey!


Treatment with Dr. Silbert prompts an individual to grapple with their own fundamental responsibility to construct an authentic life of engagement, meaning, and self-fulfillment.